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    Windows Server 2003 R2 w/SP2, Promise TX-2300
    During instalation if you boot drive is connected to Promise SATA RAID controller you have to press F6 and provide floppy with drivers. But if you use drivers that came on CD or dowloaded an older version from Promise webiste during installation you might get Error 512 in the line 2335.
    To resolve it make sure you use driver version and when you copy it to floppy include all files.

    Mac OS X, Canon CanoScan LiDE 600F
    When trying to scan film for the first time, the software will try to calibrate, it will prompt to remove film first, but then it would fail to calibrate, because film was not removed, even though it was. Error 182.0.0
    To resolve it I had to remove transparency adapter and place it back for 4-5 times, every time trying again, but eventually it worked out.
    That is what canon recommends doing, they just hide this info really well

    Windows XP Pro, Outlook 2003
    When trying to schedule an appointment Outlook will only show availble time for other people for current and next month (up 2 month limit)
    To see free/busy time instead of "no information" \\\\\\\, go to
    Tools - Options - Preferences - Calendar Options - Free/Busy Options
    You can change default 2 month setting to what ever is needed    

    Mac OS X, 10.3.9 , Firefox 1.04
    Very stangly, but all files and foders had dissappeared from desktop
    It is still unclear the reason, but my current suspicion is on FireFox extension - File Archive.
    There were the following simptoms. Quit Firefox, place file or folder on desktop. Start FireFox, close window, but not quit application. Move folder on the desktop or just open and close finder - and suddenly desktop is empty and only icons for hard drives left. I uninstalled that extension and since then I could not replicate the problem.    

    Windows XP Pro, Firefox 1.*
    Profile switched to the default one. All the bookmarks and saved data seems lost.
    To get to you customized profile close all the instanses of Firefox and Start>Run type
    firefox.exe -profilemanager    

    Windows 2003 Server, IIS 6.0
    Error 404 File not found, when you try to follow a link to .exe file
    To resolve it change Execute permission of containg folder from Scripts and Executables to Scripts only    

    Windows 2003 Server, Terminal Server
    Spooler service stops, when new user profile is created (usually when someone logs in the first time), after installation of Adobe Acrobat 7.0.
    Adobe Acrobat 7.0 is not supported on Wondows 2003 Server
    Very clean install after all previous remains of any previous virsion of acrobat (including readers) removed.
    Make sure that you run in in 'change user /install' mode
    If reinstall is not an option set spooler service to restart automatically if it stops.    

    GCC 2600N Printer Installation
    GCC Network printer connects to the TCP/IP port
    port mode should be RAW
    port number should be 10001 (not default 9100)    

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