Some people group movies by genre, or by actors, or by the period when they were made. I do that by who directed them. Most of my favorite films are made just by a handful of directors. And plus and a few one-offs.

My most favorite films

I find it easier to start describing what I really like by listing a few of my very favorite films.
2046, Until the End of the World, The Holy Mountain, Brazil, Delicatessen, Blade Runner, Naked Lunch, and Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me.

Among popular ones are Pulp Fiction, Fifth Element, and Prices Bride.

I am into animation too. Similar principles apply here as well.
As for full-featured animations suitable for adults and children, it would be Spirited Away, Tekkonkinkreet, Isle of Dogs and Strange Planet.

Obviously, I like way way more than those few. I'll try to tell you about them too.